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Climate Talks Conference, 2022
SLL projects exhibition during the conference, on national TV channel: Jibek Joly TV
About the SLL project at Kozybayev University on the local TV channel
About SLL Conference
on the national TV channel: Хабар 24
Nazarbayev University website nu.edu.kz
Climate Talks Brings Together Leading Scientists and Environmentalists
The event brought together the efforts of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), NU Office for Sustainable Development, Kazakh Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources and the National Conservation Initiative Corporate Foundation.
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Bluesky Thinking bluesky-thinking.com
The Business Schools Creating An Eco Impact On Campus
As global attention turns to the race to reach net zero by 2050 – and avert the worst of the environmental damage human beings are causing – business schools and universities are uniquely placed to harness their knowledge and influence to make a difference.
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Waste benches and biodiesel from oil: how Nazarbayev University is promoting sustainable development
We develop special classes for kids to start speaking new languages with fun and no fear. All kids will be involved in intellectual games and the discussion process.
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