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Participating in the SLL program is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and make a positive impact on the environment. Whether you're a student looking to gain practical experience, a researcher seeking to tackle pressing sustainability issues, or a community member interested in promoting sustainable living, we invite you to join us in our mission to build a more sustainable future for all.
Program Overview and Impact
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    The SLL program was piloted at Nazarbayev University in 2019
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    The program has been launched at 11 national universities
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    Around 70 green projects have been implemented since 2019

The Sustainability Living Lab is a multifaceted program, which has a very broad impact on academic communities, with great potential for scaling up for a wider community. The program combines creativity, research and learning processes to solve real-life environmental problems. Here, university campuses serve as a living laboratory for students and faculty, where they test sustainable ideas and contribute to making the campuses a better place to study and live. The program supports projects in various areas such as energy, water, waste, transport, biodiversity conservation and sustainable food. The program allows participants to turn their theoretical knowledge into real projects and get invaluable life experience.
SLL priority areas
Energy & Green buildings
Energy saving, energy efficiency solutions, sustainable energy technologies, monitoring, the introduction of green standards, use of sustainable materials in construction, etc.
Botanical garden, urban agriculture, improving living conditions in the NU-atrium, etc.
Rational use of resources
Waste management, waste sorting, recycling, composting of organic waste, water management, landscape etc.
Water saving, use of rainwater and melted snow, water purification
Sustainable food
Greenhouse projects, campus horticulture, urban agriculture, healthy food products
Alternative fuel and vehicles, management solutions.

The Program Benefits

SLL participants have access to a range of benefits designed to help them bring their sustainability project to life
Financial support
for project realization
boot camp sessions with sustainability experts
Access to campus facilities and infrastructure, including engineering services
Administrative support and provision of necessary materials and services

Eligibility Requirements
  • Students, professors, staff of Nazarbayev University, and residents of the University Innovation Cluster can participate
  • The team must include at least two people
  • The project must comply with the priority areas and calendar plan outlined in the application form

Testimonials about the program

Sustainability Living Lab Organizers and Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us. Send us a request on green.campus@nu.edu.kz

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