KAZENERGY-S - Innovative Energy-Saving Systems

Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications
Voltage stabilizer for energy efficiency.
The new patented technology, KAZENERGY-S, enables electricity savings in single-phase networks ranging from 10% to 22%.
The use of stabilizing energy-saving devices provides the following benefits:
  • Reduction in electricity consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Protection of electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations, thus extending its service life.
  • Environmental responsibility through the application of energy-saving technologies within the framework of "Green Energy" programs.

KAZENERGY-S installations are suitable for installation in apartments, private houses, cottages, as well as hypermarkets and office buildings.

At the Almaty University of Energy and Communications named after Gumarbek Dauleev, in the Department of Electrical Engineering, specifically in Room D-204, a demonstration model of Kazenergy with a rating of 16 amperes and a ±12-volt range was installed. The device operates in three modes, and the mode can be switched without interrupting the circuit by changing the high-voltage winding of the transformer under load. The main principle of the device is to bring the level of the input voltage to an optimally low value within the permissible limits defined by the national standards (GOST). The effectiveness of the device is greater when there is a significant deviation of the input voltage from the minimum permissible voltage of 209 volts.
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