Pavilion for solar charging gadgets

Shakarim University
Problem Solved by the Project: The project addresses the need for a pavilion where students can charge their phones and relax in shaded areas using solar energy generated from solar panels. Our university campus is vast, but it lacks sufficient shaded spaces for leisure. Additionally, during busy periods like admissions or in communal areas, students often encounter issues with low phone battery levels due to the unavailability of charging stations or power outlets.

Project Implementation:
  1. Identified the ideal location for installing the pavilion.
  2. Procured the necessary equipment, including the pavilion structure, solar panels, battery, inverter, connectors, cables, USB cables, and LED lights.
  3. Carried out the installation of the pavilion and solar panels on the designated site.

As a result of the project, a new pavilion has been constructed on the university campus. It provides a space for heartfelt conversations and allows you to charge your gadgets using solar energy. The solar panel installed is designed to track the sun throughout the day, collect energy, and store it for nighttime use.
The greatest advantage of utilizing solar energy is that it is a clean and renewable source of power. The use of solar panels is a practical method for generating electricity for various applications. Solar energy systems are cost-effective and can provide electricity for decades with proper maintenance.
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