Just RePrint

Karaganda Buketov University
To reduce plastic waste in the environment, our project aims to give used plastic a second life by creating new, long-lasting everyday products using a 3D printer.

Just REprint - What can be done with plastic besides sorting?
RECYCLING with a 3D printer!

By producing filaments for 3D printing on their own, users can significantly save on consumables. Plastic filament for printing can be made from PET bottles.

Let's consider which bottles are suitable for this:
  • Blue bottles have the hardest plastic, but when melted, it will be the most fluid of all.
  • White and green bottles have softer plastic compared to blue ones. In the melted state, the material is denser.
  • Brown bottles have the softest plastic. When melted, it exhibits high viscosity (similar to ABS filament).

What problem does our project solve?
The main advantage of recycling PET bottles into plastic filaments for 3D printing is the ability to save on purchasing industrial filaments and recycle unnecessary packaging, which significantly pollutes the environment when disposed of in landfills.

Our proposed solution:
Collect and sort PET bottles by color.
Process them into filaments using appropriate equipment.
Create various objects using this type of plastic.

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