Green construction of Kozybayev University campus: North American zones

Kozybayev North Kazakhstan university
Green construction of Kozybayev University campus as a factor in creating a comfortable environment. North American zones: taiga, mixed, and broad-leaved forests.

Problem Solved by the Project:
The landscaping of Kozybayev University campus is a factor in improving the ecological and aesthetic condition by creating thematic collections of woody and shrub vegetation. The introduction of economically and ornamental valuable plants is significant scientific work for forestry and agriculture. The formation of a plant collection will fill existing vacant areas and provide spaces for research, educational, and introduction purposes for both faculty and students.

Proposed Solution:
Creating a comfortable park environment within the campus and establishing a base for introducing promising tree and shrub introducents from the North American taiga, mixed, and broad-leaved forests into the regional forestry and agriculture.

Greening and establishing a collection of introducents for research, educational activities, and the creation of an aesthetic and ecological environment.

  1. Assessing campus greening through remote sensing methods.
  2. Creating an updated aesthetic and ecological image of the campus.
  3. Establishing a collection of valuable introducents from similar natural and climatic zones.
  4. Providing a platform for practical training for students in forestry, agriculture, biology, and other related fields.
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