Smart урны

Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications
By learning how to properly handle household waste and avoiding mindless consumption of natural resources, each of us can contribute to improving the environment.

The issue of waste has become one of the most significant environmental problems today. When we take out the trash from our homes, we rarely think about what happens to it next. Waste is mostly taken to landfills or simply dumped.

According to statistics, each of us sends approximately 400 kg of waste to landfills every year. Landfills are inefficient in dealing with the increasing volume of waste, and they also pose a significant threat to the environment and human health by releasing harmful substances.

The lack of environmental education contributes to ineffective waste sorting in Kazakhstan. We have decided to engage students at our university in waste sorting using smart bins. The essence of this project is to install sensors in the bins that will react to each instance of waste disposal and indicate when the bin is full. A graphical interface displayed on a monitor will visually show the individual's contribution to protecting the environment through the use of our bins. For example, it may display a message like "Today, you saved 7 trees!" This way, everyone will be involved in the collective effort to protect the planet from the global problem of waste pollution.

Smart bin operation principle:
Every time students or faculty members throw away trash in the appropriate bin, they participate in waste sorting. The statistics can be viewed both on the screen next to the bins and on the university's website. To incentivize users, they can earn points for correctly disposing of waste, which can be later used within the AUCE premises. Gradually, by developing this useful habit, we can move towards conscious consumption.

Smart bin usage principle:
Trash is thrown into the Smart bin.
Sensors detect the waste disposal.
Information about the contribution is displayed on the screen.
A QR code is displayed on the screen for scanning with the corresponding application to receive points.
If the bin is full, the system signals the need for emptying the Smart bin.
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