Nazarbayev University
The eco startup refillme produces on-tap dispensers for selling household cleaning products such as dishwashing solution, laundry detergents and liquid soap. Project provide machines at retail sites for consumers to refill their existing household bottles.
Consumers come with their containers, choose a product, and pay and fill exactly as much as they need. By using this system, customers not only save money on packaging, but also reduce the amount of plastic waste on the environment.
Project participants are Alua Zholgazy, Kalamkas Zhagyparova, Anelya Tynysbek, Alina Zakharova, Serzhan Omarov, Aliya Omirkhanova. All of them School of Engineering and Digital Sciences Bachelor students. First, participants purchased all electronic components that were needed to assemble the device and a steel body for the vending machine. Secondly, the electronic components of the device collected, implemented the written code into the microcontroller, tested and corrected errors multiple times. The contactless Senim payment system were integrated with the device.
The device filled with 3 (three) types of liquid, with 10 liter tanks for each. There is also a liquid level control and an internal control panel that includes flow calibration, checking the valves and pumps, drainage and volume correction when topping up. Moreover, it has noting voice guidance and support in three languages (ru, eng, kaz), which help to reach the largest possible number of buyers.
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