Kozybayev North Kazakhstan university
A project to grow organic food rich in vitamins indoors by using hydroponics method. Microgreens are green plants that can be eaten during the first two phases of the plant's true leaves. These greens contain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals, which are ten times more than fully grown fruits. Two students of the agro-technological faculty took part in this project.

Microgreens are sprouts of legumes, grains, vegetables, herbs, and greens at the 2-3 leaf stage. They are the same plants like cabbage, wheat, peas, oats, and others in the early stages of growth. In this form, microgreens are rich in vitamins. Growing microgreens is not complicated, and their popularity is steadily increasing. They are added to various dishes such as soups, salads, meats, sandwiches, and smoothies.

Project "Microgreens":
Year-round cultivation
High yield
Dozens of growth cycles per year
High profitability
High market demand
Environmentally clean

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