Karaganda Buketov University
PlastiCourse is a project to build environmental awareness among the population. The project includes a practical part, during which students and schoolchildren acquire skills in waste sorting, conscious consumption and manufacturing of plastic products. There are also excursions to waste processing plants and museums.

The course program includes 9 main blocks of 72 (36) academic hours:
(1) The critical state of the world: environmental problems.
(2) The critical state of the world: problems of society and economy.
(3) Sustainable development is a strategy for planet Earth.
(4) World experience in sustainable development and environmental preservation.
(5) Plastic and its harm to the environment.
(6) Types of plastic.
(7) Methods of recycling and recycling of plastic.
(8) Conscious consumption and ecohabits: trend or concept of life?
(9) Separate collection of waste and use of recycled plastic.
The course is intended for everyone who is interested in this topic, not limited neither by age, nor educational, nor professional framework. As part of the course development, an account was created on Instagram - @eco delo
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