Nazarbayev University
V.Elec – is a simple and convenient exercise bike for the Nazarbayev University community, which allows to transform a person's energy spent on sports activities into electricity.
The idea is that a regular bicycle is equipped with a DC generator, battery, inverter and a pair of sockets, to start generating electricity, a person needs to pedal the bicycle, and its wheel will spin the rotor of the generator. After starting the generator, the electricity is fed to the inverter. At the outputs of the inverter, there is a pair of sockets that are used to connect the devices necessary for charging. Thus, a person who wants to do cardio training on this bike benefits not only their body, but also the university's electrical network, thereby reducing university carbon footprint. Project participants are Sultan Mendybayev, an Electrical and Computer Engineering second-year student, Maksat Bekkuliyev and Damir Kanymkulov, second-year students of School of Engineering and Digital Sciences Bachelor.
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