Gazebo "Our Place"

Karaganda Buketov University
The project provides for the construction of a courtyard gazebo area, which will serve not only as a place where you can sit during breaks between lectures, but will also become an excellent platform for practical exercises, get-togethers with friends, and will also be a bridge of unity with nature. To equip the green area, it is proposed to build a gazebo with a variety of plantings around it, without which it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged gazebo.

The "Our Place" project aimed to create a space for students to spend time outdoors. The implementation of the project involved the construction of a wooden pavilion, the installation of a cobblestone base, and the enhancement with various tree and vine species. The cozy pavilion was designed to serve not only as a place to sit during breaks between classes but also as a venue for practical activities and socializing with friends.
Careful selection was made of the most beautiful and environmentally suitable plants for our area, including mountain ash, red oak, and Canadian spruce.

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