Karaganda Buketov University
RePlast is a project with the goal to reduce the emission of plastic into the environment, the project proposes to give a second life to used plastic and to make new, durable products from it.
The project implementation included ordering supply, delivery, collection, commissioning of equipment (injector, shredder, acrylic dies) and training to work on equipment for plastic processing.
The main actions of the participants on plastic recycling:
1) Established cooperation with LLP "VTS Karaganda (Recyclable Karaganda)" for the delivery of plastic. Eco-boxes for the collection of lids and waste paper were installed on the KarU campus.
2) Any types of plastic are collected
3) Sorting. Participants sort the collected plastic, separate it from other debris. Plastic that is not subject to our processing is handed over for processing to VTS Karaganda (Recyclable Karaganda) LLP.
4) Manufacture of plastic products. The sorted plastic was put into plastic recycling machines. The first step is to use a shredder (shredder), which crushes the plastic into shavings. The resulting shavings are heated and melted on an injector, and the softened plastic can be poured into any desired shape - for example, a wall clock or a pendant.

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