Renewable energy dashboard

Nazarbayev University
The SLL "Renewable energy dashboard" project is a digital platform for collecting, archiving the database, displaying and visualizing the parameters of the generating capacities of renewable energy installations, as well as the indicators of electricity consumption of administrative blocks located on the NU campus.
The goal of the project: Formation of the public consciousness of the NU community (faculty, students, administrative staff) on taking actions aimed at energy saving, as well as increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy supply system of the NU campus, transition to the technical development of the NU infrastructure on the principle of "green campus" ".
The objects of the system as primary sources of information are:
- solar photovoltaic stations with an output electric power of 5, 10, 15, 25 kW;
- heat pump and solar collectors;
- residential and administrative blocks;
The programmable logic controller (PLC) Kontar MS12.3 produced by MZTA is a digital device that polls electricity meters of residential and administrative blocks.
Figure 1 shows a snapshot of the electrical energy meter of block13.
Figure 2 shows a snapshot of the switchboard of block 13 in which metering devices for the electric power of RES photovoltaic installations are installed.

The processing of digital data of electrical parameters is carried out using the licensed software Astra Electric Accounting.
The organization of recording and storage of digital data is organized on the MSSQL database server.
The parameters are displayed and visualized using the GrafanaLab digital platform.
Access to the platform is carried out through a dedicated static IP address of the NU campus local network, the access level is protected by accounts and passwords.
To assess the impact of electrical energy consumption on the environment, an automatic calculation of the carbon dioxide CO2 emission indicator is carried out.
The system records and visualizes parameters online with the ability to view archived data for a selected period of time.
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