JAPP-JASYL Greening Campus Mobile Application

Karaganda Buketov University
In modern society, the issue of greening has become increasingly relevant, and it is no exception within our campus. Addressing this problem can lead to aesthetic, climatic, sanitary, hygienic, and recreational benefits. Our focus was on achieving these outcomes while incorporating an engaging approach. This led to the idea of developing a mobile application called Japp-Jasyl.

During the project implementation period:
We held a meeting with the IT Academy "Shag" to discuss the development of the mobile application JJApp, and we provided a detailed overview of the entire work process with the team.
After preparing the technical task and development templates for the mobile application, we met with the IT Academy and worked on the application's functions.

In the future, the team plan to:
  • Plant decorative and fruit trees and register them through the mobile application.
  • Prepare a space for gardening equipment and tools.
  • Implement the mobile application on the Android platform.
  • Continuously improve and automate the application's features.
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