Water Bottle Filling Stations

Nazarbayev University
Water Bottle Filling Stations on NU Campus to Promote Sustainable Use of Water and Reduce Plastic

The project aims to address the need for accessible and sustainable drinking water options on the NU campus. By installing water bottle filling stations, the project seeks to promote the use of reusable bottles and reduce the reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. Currently, the main NU building and other campus buildings lack such facilities, making it challenging for the NU community to access clean and free drinking water.

Drinking water fountains have proven to be a beneficial solution in numerous public spaces worldwide, including universities, schools, and airports. They provide a range of advantages, such as offering free access to safe municipal water, improving public health through affordable hydration options, and reducing the environmental impact associated with disposable bottled drinks.

The project has several key objectives:

Reduce the use of plastic water bottles: By installing water bottle filling stations across the NU campus, the project aims to encourage the NU community to switch from single-use plastic water bottles to reusable bottles. This shift will contribute to a significant reduction in plastic waste and promote sustainable consumption practices.

Increase public awareness: Alongside the installation of water bottle filling stations, the project aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic bottle usage. Through educational campaigns, workshops, and informational materials, the project will engage the NU community in discussions about the importance of reducing plastic waste and the benefits of using reusable water bottles.

Ensure installation of drinking water fountains on NU campus: The project will work closely with NU administration, facilities management, and relevant stakeholders to ensure the successful installation of drinking water fountains across the campus. This will involve conducting feasibility studies, identifying suitable locations, and coordinating the installation process to provide convenient and accessible water sources for the NU community.

Provide NU community with clean and free water: The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the NU community with access to clean and free drinking water. Water bottle filling stations will be equipped with filtration systems to ensure the water quality meets the required standards, allowing students, faculty, and staff to stay hydrated without the need for single-use plastic water bottles.
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