Recycling and practical use of plastic waste

Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications
Our aim is to utilize plastic waste as an impregnation for various construction materials. This will not only allow for the rational use of plastic but also improve the mechanical and thermal insulation properties of concrete, wood, and so on.

Practical applications of plastic waste:
  1. Reinforcement of wood, particularly in the case of archaeological wood.
  2. Strengthening of construction materials: adobe bricks, concrete products.
  3. Utilization of plastic waste for manufacturing future sidewalk tiles.

Options for utilizing plastic waste:
Option 1:
Plastic can be dissolved in alcohol and acetone (there are numerous solvents, although most are toxic). The prepared plastic solutions are used for impregnating deteriorating concrete, rammed earth bricks (pre-formed and dried). The same process is applied to impregnate wood and red bricks with a porosity of 10%. These products are dried and subjected to infrared radiation treatment or thermal exposure from a construction hairdryer. Then, a strength measurement device is used for testing.
Option 2:
Plastic melting is performed using a gas stove at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, and sand is added to this viscous solution. The resulting mixture is formed and molded into sidewalk tiles.

Strengthened wood, a piece of red brick, and cement mortar (approximately by 20%).
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